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Essential Lotion

This everyday lotion is an essential remedy for dehydrated skin. My number one recommendation for dry skin is to drink more of the elixir of life, water. My second recommendation is don’t be shy to use natural lotion and oils generously on your skin daily. This simple lotion recipe is endlessly useful and soothing for cracked and dry skin but also light enough to easily absorb into our faces. No matter what age we are, our skin craves moisture. So use this generously and make more often as we do in my house. Adapt this recipe throughout the year to keep it interesting (see Note)!

Yield: 8oz


1/2 cup infused lavender oil  (or carrier oil of choice)
1/2 cup aloe vera gel or juice, distilled water or hydrosol
1 tbsp (9 g) beeswax or wax of choice
1 tbsp (17 g) shea butter
1/2 tsp vitamin e or rosemary antioxidant as preservative (optional)
10-15 drops Rose Geranium or Lavender essential oil or mix (optional) 


Place wax, carrier oil and shea butter in a heatproof glass measuring cup or mason jar. Make an improvised double boiler by heating several inches of water inside a small pot. When boils, lower to simmer and put glass bowl or cup inside water. Stir ingredients with spoon until fully melted and remove cup from heat. Pour ingredients into small glass or metal bowl and wait until cool to room temperature. Slowly add aloe, water or hydrosol, essential oils and preservative while mixing with immersion blender. Blend until creamy lotion consistency is reached. Scoop into 8oz glass jar with lid or 2 4oz jars. With preservative will keep fresh for one to two months as long as water doesn't enter into lotion. Without preservative, keep in fridge for up to one month. 


This is a base recipe that is easy to change depending on what you have on hand. You might want to try a rose, rose geranium or chamomile infused oil instead of lavender. The sky is the limit with options for great carrier oils to use. The same idea goes for the liquid portion, I love using aloe vera but also love rose hydrosol. You really can’t go wrong.