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Jana Blankenship

Recipes & wisdom to nourish your wild nature

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Seasonal Family Almanac:

Recipes, rituals and crafts to embrace the magic of the year

An indispensable guide and hands-on resource for families that want to joyfully build or deepen their connection with nature through an extensive range of over 100 recipes for cooking, wellness, personal care, and crafts all year long. Seasonal Family Almanac gives families the tools to rediscover the soul-stirring magic that comes from living in tune with the seasons.


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Wild Beauty:

Wisdom and recipes for natural self-care

Wild Beauty is a personal and practical guide to clean beauty that marries engaging stories and personal anecdotes with sage information. Including 45 DIY easy-to-make recipes for natural perfumery, skincare, bodycare, and haircare as well as teas and tonics.


When we learn to pay attention to the natural world, we can access beauty in all it’s many forms and feel a deep kinship with all forms of life.

I am an herbalist, artist, entrepreneur and passionate educator about plant-based beauty who follows my nose and nature to create products and potions for personal care and spirit. I love to share my writing, recipes, tips and tricks and hope they inspire you and become part of your rituals. My writing is inspired by nature, spirit and my own journey in life. The recipes I create are easy and economical staples and seasonal recipes inspired by the intelligence of nature. I am the mother of two children and the recipes and crafts I share are for children of all ages.

I am also the founder of Captain Blankenship, a green beauty company based in New York’s Hudson River Valley that makes haircare products with organic ingredients and sustainable packaging. Social and environmental responsibility are at the heart of the company, which is a B Corp, MadeSafe approved, Leaping Bunny Certified and part of 1% for the Planet. Captain Blankenship was born out of my desire to create organic beauty products that create a direct link with nature.

I am the author of Wild Beauty, a holistic primer for green beauty rich in practical wisdom, anecdotes and 45 DIY recipes for natural perfumes, skincare, hair care, body care, teas and tonics. My next book is coming out in spring 2023 and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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Captain Blankenship: Wild, plant powered haircare

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Wild Beauty: Wisdom & recipes for natural self-care

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Fresh & Dried Botanical Infused Oils

Infused botanical oils are a gentle but powerful way to care for and heal our bodies harnessing the magic of plants. Every step of the process of creating a plant infused oil feels wonder filled. From harvesting plants, to infusing them by the moon cycle and witnessing the alchemy of botanicals and plant oil make a new creation, it is a beautiful practice to learn and be steeped in at any age. Here I give instructions for making infused oil with dried or fresh botanicals.

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Milka's Fir Tip Syrup

This syrup is a rendition of one that was made annually by my Baka (grandmother in Serbo-Croatian) Milka. Conifers send the bright green tips out in the spring as a sign of new growth. These tips are very high in Vitamin C and are known to help ease respiratory ailments, coughs and colds.

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