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Lemon Balm Tea Party Blend 

Spring and summer always bring a gush of activity just as we watch nature vividly unfurl in waves of color and blossoms. It's an exciting time, but also a taxing time on the nervous system. Here is a recipe for a delicious tea that celebrates the beautiful bounty of the season while also calming your nerves. Win-win. 




Summer always brings many celebrations and this tea is a fun way to mark them. This tea is wonderful blend for birthdays, tea parties or anytime to brighten your day. Nerve calming lemon balm is the heart of this tea paired with blooming flowers of the season. Rose petals and chamomile aid lemon balm in brightening the day and soothing your spirit. As a way to celebrate the bounty of the season, add other edible flowers such as violet, dandelion, lilac or lavender into the infusion and as a special garnish when serving. My favorite way to make this tea is to go out into my garden on a summer morning and harvest lemon balm, roses and chamomile and then let my desires lead me to other flowers. You can also easily make this with dried herbs to capture the summer spirit anytime of year.


Responsibly harvest plants in the morning and bring inside. Lightly mince lemon balm to release oil. Place all botanicals in a teapot. A clear glass teapot is particularly beautiful for this blend to watch the colorful plants infuse

To use:

Pour 16oz of boiling water into teapot and put on lid. Let the tea steep for 5 to 10 minutes.

Strain and serve. You can top the tea or adorn the serving plate with a few fresh botanicals for decoration. This tea is wonderful to drink on ice.

Drink one or more cups daily as desired all summer long or throughout the colder months using dried herbs.